The Basics of PPC for Your Business

PPC, KPI, SEO, CTR – If you are just setting out in your online advertising journey for your business, these are just a few of the acronyms you’ll come across. Whether you put in the work yourself or hire a digital marketing agency, it’s important to understand what these are in order to choose an effective strategy. There are two notable categories within search marketing: SEM, which uses paid strategies to appear in search, and SEO, which uses organic strategies to appear in search.

ESC2 Presenter Jonathan Swindle

Continuing Commitments in Education Post-COVID

High-quality career education and guidance create strong building blocks for students and career speakers provide valuable insights and inspiration. Students are more engaged in education when they are able to connect learning to the real world. By integrating modern technology and providing highly relevant learning activities, successful speakers in their areas of expertise help motivate…

Local Radio Should Seek Out Local Podcasters

It seems like every day another major podcasting deal is announced in the broadcast industry trades. Recently, Entercom, now Audacity, made a 22.5-million-dollar deal to buy Podcast influencers marketplace Podcorn.  The collaboration of podcasting integrated into broadcast radio’s traditional advertising offerings is fueled by an impressive set of revenue growth forecasts. There are many amazing…