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As working professionals in the tech industry, it is our job to stay up to date with cutting edge ideas and methods of production. However, it is counterproductive to keep it all to ourselves. When one learns, one must teach. That’s why in addition to putting our knowledge into practice, we are passionate about sharing the latest happenings when it comes to business, innovation and creativity with our clients and followers. On this page, stay on top of your game and live your most creative life with the help of our original content and features that break down the latest topics involving digital marketing trends, technology, creativity, innovation, art, design and entrepreneurial leadership.

The Basics of PPC for Your Business

PPC, KPI, SEO, CTR – If you are just setting out in your online advertising journey for your business, these are just a few of the acronyms you’ll come across. Whether you put in the work yourself or hire a digital marketing agency, it’s important to understand what these are in order to choose an effective strategy. There are two notable categories within search marketing: SEM, which uses paid strategies to appear in search, and SEO, which uses organic strategies to appear in search.


Local Radio Should Seek Out Local Podcasters

It seems like every day another major podcasting deal is announced in the broadcast industry trades. Recently, Entercom, now Audacity, made a 22.5-million-dollar deal to buy Podcast influencers marketplace Podcorn.  The collaboration of podcasting integrated into broadcast radio’s traditional advertising offerings is fueled by an impressive set of revenue growth forecasts. There are many amazing…


Our Media Partner PowerUp Hero’s Liza Wisner Interviews Confirmed Life Safety President Jonathan Edward Swindle

At HRMG, we are very excited to witness two of our clients, friends, and business partners merge into a singular presentation with the recent live stream interview of Confirmed Life Safety President, Jonathan Edward Swindle. Confirmed Life Safety was founded in 2018 when Jonathan felt a need for a more crucial stance on life safety…


The Anatomy of a Successful Podcast

As we’ve briefly discussed in previous articles, growth in your business should naturally include the use of digital marketing. Not only for the potential ROI, but the beauty of digital marketing is in the versatility and diversity of web markets. One such approach for connecting with your consumers might include a podcast. One key reason that…