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You may think that the importance of a public relations team should only be reserved for large corporations, the fact is that even the smallest business can benefit from having an effective public relations strategy at their disposal. Contrary to popular perception, public relations services mean far more than damage control at inopportune times. It means ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

The truth is, your business’s success relies heavily on public opinion and your company’s trust and reputation are your most vital assets. That’s why they should be managed with care by a team of experienced professionals who will safeguard your business’s reputation no matter what. Our public relations services are designed to ensure that your organization continuously receives positive coverage and strategic management across a range of media.

Whether you’re new to public relations representation or are looking for a dynamic new change, we can help your efforts in a variety of ways including:

Reputation/Brand Management

By taking traditional PR strategies and making them relevant in the digital age, we leverage strategic influence across a variety of media when it comes to your business and professional reputation.

Press Releases/Media Kits

From pitching story ideas to writing press releases and preparing informational kits, we can utilize local media outlets to ensure that your business remains relevant via publicity and promotion.

Content Marketing

We use targeted content marketing to increase your brand’s visibility, encourage user interaction on your website or social media networks and help promote your business’s “story”. Find out more about content marketing by watching the short informative video.

Facebook Marketing

Lacking a Facebook presence or interested in taking it to the next level? Hi-Res Creative can help you plan and launch a stronger presence for your business; building brand advocates and using Social Media as a communications tool with current and potential customers. Watch our explainer video for more information. When you are ready, contact us to get started!

Content Marketing Proposal

Marketing Solutions We Deliver

Let us give a distinct voice to your brand. For more information or to learn more about how our content marketing services can be used to effectively promote your business, connect with our team today.