As founder and president of HRMG, Jonathan is responsible for maintaining daily operations, serving as lead project manager and managing client relations. His experience extends from executive leadership, photography, videography, web design and development and interactive media.

5 Uncommon Senses That Will Change Your Life

Creatives seem to have it all: the best careers, immeasurable passion, the coolest ideas and the ability to always seem so inexplicably content. It’s almost as though they somehow got the secret, easy-to-read manual for life while everyone else got stuck with the one in Flemish. However, we all have the ability to take a cue from the creative class and enrich our lives by developing five uncommon senses that the most iconic artists and innovators appear to posses. These uncommon senses are distinctive, yet interrelated and by learning to implement each into your daily life, you will foster a greater sense of creativity, contentment and success. Let’s take an in-depth look into how each sense works and why.

Hi-Res Creative Straight Talk Series

Hi-Res Straight Talk Series: 4 Reasons Why You Really Don’t Know It All

Congratulations, you have successfully managed to run a business without folding. In the beginning, you probably thought of some ways to get your name out there, but that fell by the wayside as soon as you started getting more leads, so you must have done something right. Except that marketing your business is like running a marathon and success now doesn’t guarantee success down the road. There is always a better, more interesting way to increase your business’s reach, but from being misinformed to thinking you know it all, there are still plenty of marketing missteps that can cost you plenty of money. Think this has nothing to do with you? Think again. Check yourself against the top four mistakes many business owners make when it comes to marketing themselves.

Hi-Res Straight Talk Series: The Seven Deadly Sins of Online Marketing

The world of online marketing can be a very unforgiving place and if there’s one thing we have learned working in this industry the last several years, it is that perception is everything. How the public perceives both you and your business is the single most important factor in determining how successful your venture will be. No matter how terrific you think your skills and services are, it only takes a few missteps to drive your business down a bad path. That’s why we here at Hi-Res Creative have devised our own list of the deadliest of sins when it comes to online marketing to help ye poor sinners. Are you guilty of any? Read on and repent.